The Maiden Post

My first blog post!  How do I feel about this?  Excited, scared, humbled to think that God would work through this, although that is my greatest prayer.

I’ve felt a certain calling for the past few years to start journaling through some of the challenges of a difficult season in life.  And I often had fairly profound thoughts land in my brain, usually during my daily walks with my Boston/Frenchie mix, Daisy.  Clearly this was one of the better times for God to try and get my attention by sharing His truths with me!

But I wasn’t very receptive and essentially ignored those nudges.  On October 16, 2017, my husband of 31 years, Dale, passed from this life to eternity and I plunged into a grief that surprised me with its depth, given the years of living with his dementia.  So as I tried to navigate these new waters, I again felt the call to write through this journey.

This time I listened.  And when I ran the idea past friends, they all agreed it would be an effective way to work through my grief.  As one topic after another rolled through my head, I understood that this was the path for me at this stage of my life.  I didn’t know exactly what format my writings would take, but in just a matter of days, the idea of a blog rose to the top of this pile of options, so here we are!

I want this to be so much more than just a healing mechanism for me; I pray that it would be God’s vessel to encourage and challenge any who find their way to this blog.

Just a word about the title – I can’t take any credit for it, but when I received the suggestion from my friend, Lisa, I knew immediately that it was right.  What does “It’s Beyond Me” mean to you?  Different things to different people, so I’m not going to limit what it is to you by telling you what it means to me!  At least not yet.

If you want to officially follow my posts, look for the “Follow” button in the bottom right corner.  (At least I hope it shows up there!)  And feel free to share this with whomever you feel could relate or benefit.

Thank you for being here for the maiden voyage.  I hope it’s the start of a beautiful relationship!



11 thoughts on “The Maiden Post”

  1. Writing is such a wonderful way to work through difficult times in life. I am so glad you have made this choice. I look forward to reading about your insights. Hugs.

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  2. You have touched me deeply with your openness to being vulnerable and trying to navigate and learn from the pain of your grief. I did not know Dale, but I just have to believe he would be so proud of you. May you continue to find some peace in the midst of the pain. Blessings!


    1. Thanks, Jen. I can’t tell you what a blessing you have been to me! The flowers you brought to me on my first Valentine’s Day without Dale touched me deeply. God is surely working through you!


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